Advantages of Static Mixing Vacuum Casting Equipment


The static mixing vacuum casting equipment has two storage tanks for storing resin and curing agent, and some small materials such as fillers and accelerators are added to the resin tank. The storage tank has the functions of stirring, heating, etc., and the resin and the curing agent are vacuum defoamed separately before pouring. After the defoaming is completed, the resin and the curing agent are respectively delivered to the static mixer through the high metering pump, and the rotation pressure of the metering pump is continuous. The resin and the curing agent are pushed forward continuously according to the set ratio and amount, and the blades in the static mixer are continuously sheared and mixed to achieve uniform mixing.

Static mixing vacuum casting equipment controls the ratio of resin to curing agent and the amount of casting by controlling the speed of the resin pump and the curing agent pump. Compared with the traditional dynamic process, it has the following advantages:

1. It is suitable for large-volume or intermittent production, ensuring the freshness, fluidity and wettability of the resin mixture, and effectively improving the partial discharge level of the product. Don't worry about the lack of mixing due to mold leakage, and no waste due to multi-mixing.

2. The structure is exquisite. Under normal production, the mixture is in a fast flowing state under the action of the metering pump pressure, and the mixing is sufficient without dead angle. Simply clean more than 10 grams of residual glue from the static mixer section. The entire cleaning process takes only about 120 seconds. Use only about 200ml of cleaning solution.

Vacuum casting equipment

3. The rubber pump is driven by the servo motor to control the glue, and the measurement error is within ± 1%.

4. Using the pressure of the metering pump, the mixture can be quickly poured into the mold, the pouring speed is easy to control and adjustable, the temperature of the resin material is not sensitive to the viscosity of the viscometer, and the process is highly adaptable, and can adapt to the resin formula of the user now and in the future. .

5. All systems can be placed on the ground, no special height requirements for the plant, easy to maintain.

6. All the feeding is completed automatically, the whole process is fully automatic controlled by vacuum degree, temperature and time. The whole set of equipment can be operated by one person, and the labor intensity is low. Since all the feeds are sealed and automatically vacuumed, there is no impact on the environment.

Long-resistant mechanical custom static mixing vacuum casting equipment, has many years of experience, equipment operation is simple and easy to maintain, not only greatly improve production efficiency, but also reduce production costs.

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